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Software: GIS solutions and climate and environmental architecture
  • Software: GIS solutions and climate and environmental architecture

Our wide range of services and software

GIS Solutions

Due to our many years of experience in the planning and management of technical infrastructures in combination with the know-how of our employees and partners in the implementation of innovative GIS solutions, we are able to give municipalities and associations control over their technical infrastructures, liability law and funding requirements and obligations to fulfill, as well as optimize administrative processes.

Innovative and tailor-made GIS solutions for the acquisition, integration, analysis, maintenance and provision of spatial data in sewer, water, street, tree, lighting, solar roof and energy registers, maintenance books and GIS industry models.

Implementation, counselling, training and supervision of open source software such as QGIS, Postgre SQL, etc.

Climate and Environmental Architecture

Against the background of global warming, increasing urbanization and rising temperatures, more and more heat islands are emerging in the populated areas, which are becoming bigger problems for people, animals and plants, while heavy rain events are causing local floods outside and within settlement areas with far-reaching damage.

Verification of plans for urban settlement areas for climate resilience and their optimization

Climate-resilient planning and construction of new settlement areas

Adaptation of existing settlement areas and structures to climate change

Identification of areas at risk of heavy rain

Planning and realization of measures in order to be protected against heavy rain

Improvement of the microclimate in settlement areas

Infiltration and plant-available storage of rainwater in areas with hydraulically overloaded sewers

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